What is the Knowledge Panel?

July 2nd, 2016

The knowledge panel is a big area to the right that shows up in Google when it thinks you’re looking for a particular business, usually when you’ve typed in a business name. It looks like this:

Google Knowledge Panel for Ryan Ao Media

The knowledge panel has everything from hours, to review snippets, for some kinds of businesses it will even have special information like online scheduling and hotel amenities. Most of the information in the knowledge panel comes from the information in your Google My Business profile.

Why Is the Knowledge Panel important?

It can be very challenging to get a Knowledge Panel showing for national brands, but for local businesses it’s very easy to get a knowledge panel showing. All you really need is a Google My Business profile. It’s an important part of controlling your brand online, and giving the best impression possible to people who’ve chosen to look into your company more deeply, or who have decided to try and leave you a review.

Sometimes a search that should be a general local search (say, city + service) might show a knowledge panel instead of a 3-pack. This usually happens when a competitor has a generic sounding name that’s very similar to the search that was typed in.

Sometimes your knowledge panel shows you as being permanently closed, usually it’s because you moved recently and didn’t handle the move correctly. Luckily that’s easy to fix.

The Short Version:

This is a really important, easy to get piece of exposure for your business, and it shows up for people specifically looking up information about your company by name on Google. If you’re not already showing well here, this is one of the first things to take care of. If you haven’t already, go claim your business and fill out your Google My Business profile.

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