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Online marketing that supports your art.

These services aim to meet you right where you are, give you the right amount of help to reach your goals.

Full Service for Wedding Photographers:

Conducted via phone, skype, and email. Biweekly scheduled meetings catered to your needs. Monthly quality reports. Marketing consultations. Artistic marketing and portfolio review.

Read the full details here.

Minimum commitment of 6 months.

Online Overhaul for Small Business Owners:

A whirl-wind overhaul. We’ll work together for 3 months, and clean up your online business presence; starting with your website and then moving on to how your business is represented on the rest of the internet. Perfect if you’ve just moved, if you hired the wrong marketing team in the past and need some repair work done, or if you want a booster shot to make sure you’re showing well heading into the next busy season. I don’t do Full Service work with businesses outside the wedding photography industry at the moment, but if you have a different kind of business that you want my help with, this is for you.

Minimum commitment of 3 months.

1 on 1 Problem Solving

One on one problem solving, answering your questions. Not ranking well on Google and have no idea why? Falling into a pothole? Did you suddenly drop off the map? Getting a new website done, and worried your web guy knows more about making things look nice to customers than to Google? The perfect choice for someone who wants an expert answer to a few questions.

By the hour, via phone or skype.

$100/hour. Includes any necessary research time, and a recording of your call for your reference.

You can contact me about any of the above services here.

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