How to Get Help from Google

July 16th, 2016

Sometimes you will run into a problem you just can’t fix yourself.

There’s a lot of reasons you might need to contact Google directly. Some examples include:

Before you call, know that they aren’t helpful for SEO, and will frequently give poor advice. If you’ve been suspended for spam, they won’t even tell you why (to keep spammers from learning more about slipping under the radar). If you’ve been suspended for spam, contact them only after you’ve fixed things yourself.

If you think you need to contact Google, there are three routes you can take:

Contact Google by phone:
Unfortunately, Google started outsourcing their phone support out to India a while back. I’ve gotten wrong advice before, so if you do call in for anything other than simple help, take it with a grain of salt. Note that the ‘call back’ option doesn’t appear if it’s not during business hours, so you might need to try back later if that option doesn’t appear.

Google Support on Twitter:
This is my first go to. They’re generally very helpful, expect 24 to 48 hour response times.

Google Support on Facebook:
I haven’t used them yet, but I’ve heard they’re about as reliable as Google Support on Twitter.

Additional resources:

Google My Business forum
Google provides an official forum for small business owners to ask questions. I like volunteering my time there, so you might see me around if you stop by. If you post there, you generally won’t hear back from an actual Google employee, so keep in mind anyone answering your questions is going to be a volunteer like me.

Local Search Forum
Linda’s local search forum has been an incredibly helpful resource for me over the years. There’s a lot of very helpful, knowledge people there, and that’s another place you can go to ask questions.

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