About James

I like to be the ‘answer man’ on your team. My passion is helping businesses and artists thrive by finding the clients they love to work with.

I’ve always been a small business entrepreneur and I love to work with small business entrepreneurs.

I love to be a resource for clients. When it comes to small business SEO, there are no official schools, no classes, and it all changes faster than you might believe.

As I was researching, I was appalled by how few quality resources there were for photographers. I was touched to see photographers supporting each other, but I couldn’t find a professional who was offering:

So I decided to create it.

What do I do:

I’m James Watt. I am a Google Search Expert for small business owners.

I offer a map. This map guides you to exposure online, and those people turn into clients.

I formulate plans to for you to promote yourself, and keep track of the results.

I stay ahead of the curve, so that you can trust that what’s being done is up to date.

I work with business owners to

How I got Started:

I was working for a large corporation that serves hundreds of thousands of small businesses, and I had hundreds of clients accounts.

I was appalled by how little benefit they were actually receiving, especially considering how much they were paying. They were paying hundreds of dollars a month for a few hundred clicks to their website, and the company didn’t even check to see if it actually helped the client.

So, I went down to LA for a marketing seminar, and I spent a week rubbing shoulders with marketers who were actually helping people. Marketers who were results driven and made a huge impact on their clients businesses and lives. These marketers were such an inspiration to me-they could actually be proud of the work they were doing.

I flew home and quit my job the next day.

It was rocky at first, but I have spent the last 6 years getting my hands dirty, and learning from my clients and the experts.

Is this you?

Are potential clients struggling to find you?

Are you frustrated by how hard it is to navigate the ‘free’ marketing tools available on the internet, and the endless options for marketing yourself?

Are you looking for answers that you can trust?

Do you know where to start?

Are you too busy to figure all this out yourself?

If this is you, welcome.

A little about James

I ate oatmeal for years in order to bring this to you.

My two cats, Mega Man and Zero keep me company while I work.

I do all of my recreational (and some of my professional) reading in German, Japanese, and Russian.

I play the digeridoo, trumpet, and guitar.

I went to school for video game programming….and have never used my degree.

I live in Portland, Oregon with my wife and son. His favorite things are trucks and hitting things with sticks.

I’m currently spending a lot of time on the google forum


I’m a top contributor on the local search forum.

I’m an active contributor on the official google my business forum.

Over the last 8 years I am proud to have helped a number of businesses, ranging from small to international, improve their business.